i can barely remember my dreams, but when i do i'll keep log.

MAY 29th, 2020

i was at a satanic church, collecting crystals outside and continued to explore the rest
of the street the church was on. there was multiple houses and they all made me nervous so i
left and went back to the church where i found another version of myself, but with an oni
mask. i had to kill her. so i beat her to death and ripped her head off. i placed the mask on
and walked inside the church, sitting in satan's throne.

JUNE 9th, 2020

there was a hole in my wall, that was a portal to the beach, where there was also a hole
in the wall somewhere. i saw him, and he was at the beach. he handed me a present that was
filled with candies, so i decided to give him a present filled with snacks of my own, but before
i could give it to him he left with another girl. i was sad, and cried, since it was my only chance
to see him since the portals change everyday.

JUNE 15th, 2020

i was in the car, and on the news a man murdered his whole family. i looked outside the window
and drove by the house. the bodies were bloody, mangled and i screamed from shock. blood was
everywhere all over the houses on the streets, we made a wrong turn and somehow found ourselves
in the middle of choas. there was screaming, killing blood, and flashing lights everywhere.

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