my music.   

music has always been the thing that comforted me.
here are some of my favorite songs that i enjoy,
i will add more over time.

i can't afford to breathe in this town.
nowhere to sit without a gun in my hand.
hook back up to my cathode ray.
i'm better off dead.

she sang
"tell me you love me and beg me to stay."
she sang
"tell me you love me before it's too late."
she sang
"give me your life or i must fly away,
and you will never hear this song again."

i wish i had a body to die for.
skinny is sexy,
big isn't beautiful.

sold again on the one love.
the one that all of them scream about.
she's broke her wings on the one love.
her heart's so warm but its burn she wants.

see my thid rib appear.
a week later all my flesh disappears.
stetch tuat, cling-film to bone.
i'm getting better.

i will never bother you, i will never promise to
i will never follow you, i will never bother you
never say a word again, i will crawl away for good.

my love is weakness, my love is oh so wrong.
my love is sadness, my love is oh so strong.
my teeth are razor sharp,
my love is fucking strong.

"i am, i am," she says,
"i am not free," she says,
"help me, i am withering...
withering, withering, withering..."

"she takes the pills to fall asleep,
and dreams that she's invisible.
tourmented dreams, she stays awake...
recalls when she was capable."

and if i could be who you wanted...
if i could be who you wanted...
all the time... all the time

i don't wanna be funny anymore,
i got a too short skirt maybe i can be the cute one.

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